Tuesday, 26 July 2011

At last- back to real life!!!!!!

At last!, the two quilts are finished, wrapped, labeled, and boxed and on their way, phew,
,now I can read blogs again yaaay! and sew stuff again- double hurrah!!!
 Happy dancing is called for !
Here are some pics of the quilt that was just a picture in my head when I  filled in the entry forms, that was certainly flying by the seat of my pants!
Remember the doily that I bought in the charity sale?
Well, it became my sunshine, happy sunshine  in fact.

This quilt is entirely recycled, even the binding is cut from a friends linen shirt, buttons and buttonholes included, I haven't told her what I v done to her shirt, but its alright, she doesn't read blogs....

I really like this doily, but I had to paint it twice as frankie said it looked like a fried egg ,
 and she was right......
It would have had a lot more layers and stitching on it- if it hadn't been so stiff...

I know I am always banging on about second hand/ recycled  ahem-  vintage[ that's the nicest word] fabrics,
 but I love them, they have an aura, you  can feel the life they have already had  I don't see why you shouldn't celebrate that life, show the wear holes,  use the frayed edges  At the moment I really love the raggedy raw edged look, so we will have to see where it takes me...

Anyway , the second quilt is the one I didn't finish last year, as we moved house.  Its 18 inches wide and about seven feet long, its called Marmaris
 and its inspiration was the silver fish in the lovely turquoise sea around -yes you have guessed it -marmaris
.    I couldn't photograph it in one bit and I had boxed it up before I realised the photos aren't too good and I do really love it but ooh, it feels so good to be back in blog land, reading when I should be stitching.

 mental note for next year----have a quilt AT LEAST three quarters done before I fill in any forms.... good night now, I am off too bed to dream lots of happy dreams about stitching stuff
 the world is my lobster..

Saturday, 2 July 2011

service suspended

 I am sorry. I cant post at the moment, as I did a silly thing, foollishy, I entered not one but two  quilts for birmingham, one was last years that I didnt finish because I moved and one was an idea in my head !yes I really did that and boy, am I busy, like 10 kids and a toddler group and a village hall wernt enough to keep me busy-   and the ironing of course, so..... until I am finished I will say see you later-- comments and encouragement are welcome... tina