Saturday, 14 June 2014



been trying some new sewing adventures recently one of which is stumpwork, do you like my fish? tiny but soo cute
Now, I can be

the little fishy has decided to be in a much bigger picture, and have more adventures.......

also been playing with the dyes again, with a lot of help from my naughty friends again.

arnt they busy,

changing the subject completely ,went down to Peterborough to visit the make-it show, lots of lovely threads and sewing stuff,and on display was this amazing little allotment garden- all made of tatting, must have taken ages.

I got quite excited when I saw all the freeform crochet,

and the new horizons display of cubes,

and quilts, I liked thi one very much.

and up close, the texture was beautiful,

And then I came across Tamar threads, beautifully died by Katy Choroszewska.

Katies mola work with kantha stitching is the finest I have ever seen, I would love to take her classes but she lives in devon- so, too far for me,but isn't it wonderful. 


And this is Katie.

dyes her own fabric too.

look at those stitchs, marvellous...
theres so much sewing I want to do and learn, and the more I do the more I discover more sewing, theres some marvellous stuff out there and I hope Im that good one day, but now its time for bed, so good night dear reader, to dream of threads and needles and little fishes having adventures,.