Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Heres one I made earlier.

My little marmaris quilt is finished and I am really pleased with it.Now to tackle the big one!

lovely wool

I found a really beautifull length of wool in a drawer, its fat and thin,green and blue and brown and just right for my wave line. I didnt have the heart to cut it so I resolved to use it as it was, when I got to the edge I rolled the remaining wool into a spiral and stitched it down---like a rolling wave!

green cobweb

I have been working hard on my little marmaris quilt,the main fabric came from a pretty sparkly skirt that I bought from a charity shop ,it was exactly the colour of the sea around marmaris and just looking at it lifted my heart with happy memories, but the sequins were a little bit tatty I needed something to sort of obscure the view a little bit,and I found a marvellous sea green shawl that is like a beautifull green cobweb in a charity shop[where else?]for two pounds its lovely and just layering a little bit of it over the sequins just does the job. How lucky is that?

Thursday, 24 December 2009


Life is good,

Full of unexpected small joys,

Moments of sheer kismet

and unexpected friendships.

Peace and joy to you all.

Happy christmas to you all.


Its christmas eve! The short people are so excited , the presents have all been felt and squeezed and selotaped back together,the stockings have been found and secret wrapping goes on all over the house.Today we had a lovely surprise, A letter from America! Leilani, one of the fibre arts traders sent us a lovely handmade card with a small gift of a piece of lovely felted wool . A lovely christmas surprise.


Well, christmas is nearly here and as you can see, Nobby the Cat has taken up his favourite position in front of the fire. I would like to think that he is showing approval of the dresden plate quilt I am working on but I think the top is just in his way!

Friday, 18 December 2009


SNOW SNOW SNOW! Isnt it fantastic! Isnt it lovely! The short people are delighted ,sent home early on the last day of school to play in the snow , thats a dream come true, I have lots of loverly stitchery to do, so I am happy , himself has lots of chocolate and nowhere to be exept by the fire, only the chickens are grumpy - they hate it! I wanted to post a piccie of the chickens but they refuse to come out to play so here is a piccie of a robin in the hedge.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


At last I am released from my shackles, I have sneezed,coughed and snivelled my way all week through 23 small fabric pots as gifts for friends and the staff at my school.They do a sterling job and I really appreciate them, but next year ---they get a big box of choccie biccies[the posh ones in a tin ] and I get my life back. I have a quilt to work on, three more in my head, that I need to draw and two ATCs to make for the fibre art traders,, its 11.45 and I have cut it really fine Tomorow I can even play with my sketch books[as if.] but life is good!

quilty feltie

I had to make a second one because the first one had NO sequins and we cant have that can we!


I have been dying all week with a terrible cold,mr shedman has been a shining star looking after the kids and me all week fetching me tea and chocolate at regular intervals. If it wasnt for a large bar of galaxy i probably wouldnt have survived.It was probably a severe lack of maltesers that laid me low in the first place!I could barely put needle to recycled felted woollen clothing to make sundays quick f.a.t.s. challenge--a 5 by 5 feltie quiltie to be made and posted on line by midnight or even make two![ i did ] well I was to ill to iron!

Sunday, 13 December 2009


wow! what a busy much present buying to be done ,costumes for school plays to be made and school plays to be watched,and of course xmas food to be eaten at every opportunity. Actually I am lying about the costume -mr shedman had something suitably medieval looking lurking in his wardrobe pretending to be A tee shirt,! he is always wearing it so it must be worn out!One of the short people in our house had to wear it as a shopkeepers dress. Himself didnt recognise it so that was okay.Anyway,a big thankyou to all the very kind people who e mailed me with ideas for presents for teachers,the one I settled on was a lovely little criss cross bag ,a bit fiddley but nice All 18 need to be finished by thursday and i am off to a spa day tomorrow so midnight oil may have to be burned ,i would probably get more done if i stopped reading other peoples blogs hya angela, trudi , julie,and jude........

little bags

these will soon be little bags for teachers and a couple of special ones for friends

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


SO S SO S SOS HELP! I need help. I need to make 17 small gifts for the staff at my kids schools they need to be clever,fairly inexpensive(alright cheap)unusual, quickish to make and did I mention cheap? I was thinking of some sort of cute small box thing maybe..Any sugestions?Help please.....

stamping fish

Also this week i have been stamping fish on some of my blue dyed bits to add to my blue marmaris quilt[this is for when I am being Tina the ART quilter,a very serious person] i have actually had enough ideas to make 3 quilts... or I could squeeze it all into one quilt, whoever said, less is more?I really do want to make my quilts less busy sort of de -clutter them , but its sooo hard with so many scrumptoous sequins in the world!

dresden plate

Presents. I have also been making a really funky dresden plate quilt from a piece o cake design chosen by my 4 year old niece,16 blocks in gorgeous colours and patterns on pink backgrounds really great fun will it be done for christmas?....aahh hmm.

Finally put that waverunner together,,and added a string border I have added a few raw edges to do a bit of overstitching too. I will add a plain brown border to calm it down a bit and put it away till I get the juki out day......

A busy week

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Go away christmas I am not ready for you!

I have been getting up before dawn to get everthing done!actually the short people in my house have been helping me with this by asking me for spelling help with their christmas lists before they officially get up and ready for school, like the chickens I would prefer to sleep till daylight ! Anyway the sky was so red this morning i had to grab a camera!