Friday, 15 March 2013

doesnt time fly...

Doesn't time fly when you have a stinkerooney of a cold.
 phew, glad that's finally left me and I can get back to the serious business of stitching
remember the porridge bag pages ? I v made the first signature. the marigolds are traced onto abaca paper and coloured with ink tense pencils

Finally started the pages for my beach life book, I need 17 pages , 6 ins square, I'm fairly slow at these things, it will grow at its own pace.

Its a slow stitchy, painty sort of book........

apropos of nothing---
came across this nice pillowcase in a charity shop, for only 45p !!!!
 anyway, it looks like a book to me, in fact it looks like a collaborative book to me,
collaborative is when someone[ me] starts a book, and then makes all their friends add a bit[ a big bit hopefully]

this results in an interesting cloth book- with not too much work, an
interesting theory.. keep watching.......

sloshed a bit of acrylic over it, see how it dries tomorrow.
 takes my mind of the mountain of ironing lurking in the cupboard, and the dogs toenails need cutting, that or they've taken up tap dancing
,haircuts and baths also required, oh I'm going to smell lovely...... 
 Oh joy--- there goes the captions and the photos again, isnt blogger fun.......