Thursday, 15 September 2011


And finally, here is the second half of my favourites at the great northern quilt show.
I feel I should say at this point that I am one of Frieda Oxenheims greatest fans, so to see this much of her one  work all in one place was an absolute joy. So here we go, blogger, don't let me down this time.

 every one of these tiny squares had perfectly spaced beads around it- lovely.

I loved the texture in this one.

this was my favourite, so much work in it.

this was my best in show.

After I had finished looking at the quilts, there was time for a bit of shopping.
 On visiting a batik  stand I met a very talented lady called ,Maryke phillips and she showed me her wonderful stitched fabric books,I was completely bowled over by them,I also bought these beautiful steff francis wools, they shouldnt be here, but blogger is being silly AGAIN!


look at this gorgeous batik, and its got a variegated chain stitch all over it, love it, love it love it!

I also bought a metre of this beautiful japanese print, lovely quality,
well, I managed a whole post, thank goodness, I am off to feel sorry for myself now, as I was bitten by a horsefly on my ankle yesterday and its quite sore! nighty night.

Monday, 12 September 2011

testing, testing..OH! AT LAST...

At last, blogger is letting me play !
Iv been sulking all week, but now finally lets have a look at the great northern quilt show
I liked the quilt below because it was really well made, lovely straight edges, perfect square corners, no wibble wobble, beautifully pieced, very good quilting tension, an all round,well made quilt.

I picked out this section of a lovely Baltimore quilt, look at those  raised flowers, fantastically well made. beautiful work.
this was quite striking, very nice thistles.
Take a look at these wonderful 3D flowers, lovely.

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I really loved this gorgeous, 3 dimensional palm tree.

Arnt these spots great!
I thought the couched thread stitching really added an extra quality to this quilt
Sadly, as I am writing this, the picture has disappeared, thank you blogger.
really nice quilting on this strippy quilt.


this is a really outstanding tent makers quilt,
this was hand painted, very nice.
 this was made by Sheena Norquee,it is really, really beautiful.
this had a marvellously realistic quality about it the dog was perfect- so real.

this is a nice cheer full quilt,
 its been quite nerve wracking, trying to add captions,I will show you some more in a few days, in the meanwhile, best wishes to Frankie, who has just left hospital with a new hip!