Monday, 12 September 2011

testing, testing..OH! AT LAST...

At last, blogger is letting me play !
Iv been sulking all week, but now finally lets have a look at the great northern quilt show
I liked the quilt below because it was really well made, lovely straight edges, perfect square corners, no wibble wobble, beautifully pieced, very good quilting tension, an all round,well made quilt.

I picked out this section of a lovely Baltimore quilt, look at those  raised flowers, fantastically well made. beautiful work.
this was quite striking, very nice thistles.
Take a look at these wonderful 3D flowers, lovely.

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I really loved this gorgeous, 3 dimensional palm tree.

Arnt these spots great!
I thought the couched thread stitching really added an extra quality to this quilt
Sadly, as I am writing this, the picture has disappeared, thank you blogger.
really nice quilting on this strippy quilt.


this is a really outstanding tent makers quilt,
this was hand painted, very nice.
 this was made by Sheena Norquee,it is really, really beautiful.
this had a marvellously realistic quality about it the dog was perfect- so real.

this is a nice cheer full quilt,
 its been quite nerve wracking, trying to add captions,I will show you some more in a few days, in the meanwhile, best wishes to Frankie, who has just left hospital with a new hip!


  1. Thanks for providing so much eye candy. Glsd the third try was the chsrm. xox Corrine

  2. I wish I could have gone now. Thanks for a lovley look at all these beautiful quilts. I recognised Sandra Wyman's fern quilt among them. My best wishes to Frankie too for a quick recovery.


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