Friday, 31 December 2010

slow, slow, stitch stitch slow.

hello and welcome to my last blog of the year!   Its been a lovely, peaceful Christmas,the family have visited, some dear friends have visited, I have spent a lovely day with some of my quilty friends and we are no longer haunted by turkey, gammon,sausage rolls and quality street.[this is mostly because I have eaten them all] I hope it is not a bad omen for the year that I have spent most of the day ironing the laundry mountain, it seems like all people do in our house is eat food and wear clothes, but I have fitted in a bit of sewing, some of it here and the Dresden plate quilt is coming along nicely, I have quilted the entire centre panel and am starting on the sides, its been quite hard on my fingers because  I am using 80/20 as a wadding,  because the quilt will be washed a lot.   I would much prefer  to have used some of the beautiful wool wadding that I buy from bramble patch-- its the very best I have come across,---but I don't think it will stand regular  hot washes the way the cotton wadding will.

anyway, my new years resolution is to give myself a day a week to sew and insist on it because I am getting a bit frustrated with always sewing at night, when I am tired and the kids have gone to bed.     I am going to ignore visiting relatives[ even the small cute ones]  and hungry shedmen and annoying small dogs who gaze at me with mismatched eyes  hoping for a long walk and just sew! my wish for every one else?  eat more midget gems and SEW a lot more!Happy new year wishes to everyone....

Friday, 24 December 2010

Back from the flu!

Hello, and Merry Christmas, back from the flu, just in time for the peeling and cooking and eating too many chocolates[is that actually possible?] a bit of sewing been going onhere  .But about  to start a new quilting project I have made this for a short person who chose it from a book about two years ago, a piece of cake book ,as  I recall, I have been saving this top to quilt on the quilt machine, but as I havnt got to grips with the dreaded machine yet, I thought it would be nice to hand quilt over crimbo. I

intend to watch a lot of telly---yay... doctor who is back! and sit and cough quietly  as I stitch a lot!         MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE, MAY YOUR NEEDLE NEVER BE EMPTY!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Its lovely,its beautiful,its fun, love it, love it, loved it up till I slipped in it and landed on the small maniac dog, she howled, she cried, one back leg was limp,so I carried her poor broken body to my nearest friends house to get a lift home, as I stood in sallies sitting room with dog in my arms----she spied the cat asleep on the sofa, in one leap she was gone, chasing said cat round and round house, Sally has two flights of stairs so it took some time to catch small maniac dog, maybe her leg isn't broken after all     hmmm.....
I have done a little sewing this week click here,not much  on the gecko quilt yet, as usual, life got in the way, one of the short people brought home a hideous lurgy from school and shared it with the rest of us[Frankie says all children are germbags] so a lot of lemsip has been drunk[sloe gin being saved for Christmas
In the midst of my coughing and wheezing, no.5 daughter came round to visit as I was struggling with the Ipod that I got for my birthday and she showed me how to set it up and put all my cds on it.
WOW-fantastic ,because I am partially deaf, I haven't heard much of my music clearly for the last ten years, wow ! earplugs , clear music and its soo skinny, like a  little purple wafer of happiness, and I can sew whilst I am listening as it fits down my bra a treat!