Saturday, 26 March 2011


You know when you have spring fever when you prefer painting   your house and furniture and staying outside and gardening rather than coming inside the house  and stitching.When I do come inside I am harassed by short people who have joined the young quilters and want to enter the next challenge.          number ten, who is eight years old has made a small hanging all by herself. 

number six is making a long vertical wall hanging. she has been practising her machine quilting which is better than mine- its embarrassing being bettered by a twelve year old.

 and I have done this months BOM  for the pea room, I finished it with at least ten minutes to spare, did last months too, no time to photograph it....

also been making a smaller version of a turning twenty for my expected grandson

Have also started on a book wrapping from Teeshas circus- like little ravioli parcels, bit different to teeshas--more planned and regular no windows or holes less eccentric..... 

And finally, this is what is mostly distracting me at present,  little Danny- twelve hours old and as beautiful as the uncle he was named for but will never meet, it will be good to have a Danny in the family again