Monday, 24 January 2011


Bit of a panic on this week, my friend has very inconsiderately given birth to a baby, and she only gave me eight months notice, so obviously her baby quilt is not quite ready not even made, in fact! So, panic stations, found a quick, simple quilt in a magazine I actually did have a titchy version of a layercake in nice baby patterns and a matching roly thing of strips in same fabrics not a big jelly roll,a baby one put away for this very day.

,Anyway I have quickly pieced it and  pinned and tacked it to its wadding and decided to MACHINE  QUILT it. well dear reader, you have probably realised by now that I am practically phobic about machine quilting, but its got to be done,Neither I nor the baby have time for me to hand stitch.

I got out the instruction book and tried to remember what Ferret had told me, and my goodness! it wasn't as awful an experience as I expected really, somehow I came through it and survived ,and its not too awful, good enough, I hesitate to say this---but I may have enjoyed it, may even break out the juki and frame and have a play on that ,one of these days

I quilted in the ditch first and then did a sort of wibbly wobbly pattern down each strip-- seems to work, its been washed, dried,and its all soft and lovely now and tomorrow it will be off to cuddle a baby!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Another week has flown by, and the highlight was an evening with the Academy quilters in Grantham where good old Frankie was demonstrating right angled triangles and all their doings to some of our newer members, she brought along a lovely quilt  with really small triangles to show us and also an older quilt that she made for a commission for the women's realm magazine many years ago, the remit was that it had to be suitable for a total beginner and quick to make and no small complicated piecing !!!!

women's realm special

I arrived late as usual, in time for the sausage rolls and chocolate fingers,  yes I know, I will diet tomorrow[maybe] in between stuffing our faces with delicious post Christmas nosh we had a bit of a show and tell, there were some lovely cot bumpers and wallhangings for identical twins due very soon and lorraine appleton had a wonder full piece ready for her next exhibition and julie, well,     I was blown away, I always read her blog hhereere, but in the flesh WOW the small piece shes done for A.Q.L.S. was sooooo scrumptious      she is a marvelous artist with a great eye for colour and  we are very lucky to have her in our group.
Isn't this great!  half the size of a normal machine and only fifty squid!made by john lewis perfect for classes and PURPLE!!!!!!!