Wednesday, 18 January 2012

hello sweety

I couldnt resist that!
had to drag my sad snuffly self to the discount place to get the village hall supplies--yes- we eat a lot of sweeties in the fens, well I do anyway.....
came back from brilliant holiday- thankyou  centerparcs......
and was attacked by the snots- again...
so no blogging or stitching
well, only a bit.

been watching teeshas circus on you tube and had to do another of those wonderful parcel quilty things again, remember last years ever growing bookcover?
this time I want a funky wild colourfull thingy for the table as its a bit plain- and Iv had to put the christmas thingy away-- shame- I really liked it-had reideers on it....

so I have to make a series of small parcel things- I think of them as cloth ravioli[food again, hows the diet tina?]
every ones differand and they all require SEQUINS yeahhh  and BEADS  and shiny threads and stuff

I am trying to be enthusiastic but I feel sooo poorly.
ps annabelleserendipity I havny forgoten your  gift

I am off to have a nice smelly bath.....night night....


  1. Sad that you are feeling poorly, but you are certainly on the ball - the green thing is amazing - and his without your your full attention. I just love your work. xx

  2. Oh naughty sweets, but sweet quilts, sweets, yup me too - big weakness, uh, virtue! xox Corrine

  3. sorry you're feeling poorly .....sending some love over to you ...x

  4. What a colourful post! Hope you're feeling better by now, see you soon I hope x

  5. Very fun table "thingies" (?). Besides the colors, I really like your stitching. Get well soon!
    best, nadia

  6. I L O V E these!!! How cheerful:) Thank you.

  7. I've just seen something that will cheer you up totally and hopefully by now you know about it. And I am totally jealous too! Blog hopping is fab!

  8. Hi Tina! Thanks for your email - I just thought that other events in life had taken precedence over sending stuff out - sometimes life just gets in the way of stitching and crafting, doesn't it? My snail mail is 7, Marys Terrace, Twickenham, MIddx TW1 3JB.
    lots of love, Plum xx


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