Monday, 31 December 2012


 for the last time this year.
  A  year full of hellos and goodbyes.
take a look at this quilt, its a special quilt, it was pieced by a lovely bubbly lady called Jill.
she died earlier this year, and her very best friend Frankie finished the top and gave it to me for my family,I passed it to Trudi- who did a really beautiful job of the quilting on it.

And now its come back, to grace my children's Christmas table.

this quilt has 4 quilting ladies stitched into it- a special happy quilt.
Thankyou to you all.

So, new years almost here, and its time for new resolutions, I notice the older I get, the sillier I get

- good I like silly,

so more silliness

less ironing- definitely less ironing

more sewing with friends,

keep learning more stitch's and stitching

and keep passing on what I learn

,one more

this year- remember to post the Christmas cards.

you may have noticed I am fond of shopping,
 just before crimbo I went to shopping heaven-- that's Morocco to ordinary people and I intend to bore everyone with images of this marvellous place for months and months

the first thing you notice about Morocco is its pinkness
, the entire city is the most beautiful pink colour, like a giant rose- lovely

And lastly, look at this angel, isn't she beautiful, I am so proud of this, I didn't make it, one of my daughters did,she couldn't fight it any longer and the stitching that I infested her with when she was very small festered under her skin and in her heart and eventually it has burst out of her in a fountain of gorgeousness,
over the year she has acquired from me, threads scissors, calico and now she has BORROWED  my singer featherlight, oh I am so proud....
so a happy and productive new year to you all, prepare to be bored with lots of silliness and shopping, bit of stitching too probably....


  1. Bring on the silliness I say! Happy new year!

  2. Bring on the silliness! So delighted to learn your DD has been unable to resist the stitch any longer, another one into the coven!!

  3. Happy New Year Tina and I'm looking forward to seeing mor of your Morrocco photos. Yur daughter's sewing is definitely a chip off the block and very pretty. Clever girl!

  4. it won't stop there you know, next you will be shopping in Istanbul!!! Please.
    It is wonderful when daughters finally admit that they were listening all along, but a pain when they borrow your best scissors.......

    Happy New Year

  5. A joyful and happy post, I love that you speak about getting older and sillier. It happened to me the other day, a friend (male) remarked that my new hair cut I look sexier...I was SO pleased, how silly is this at my age?
    Daughters surprising us with their creativity, what an amazing gift!


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