Friday, 21 February 2014

Avoidance tactics

OK so here we go, I have been very naughty recently, employing avoidance tactics whenever possible
I have stitched suddenly urgent curtains, made postcards to say thank you for Christmas pressies, took a 4 week course in embroidery and artystitchy stuff with Mary sleigh, took a days course to refresh me for free machining, finished things[ that rarely happens],planned my next cloth book, taken long walks on the beach and countryside,  to consider my inspiration,,
painted wardrobes, tidied, bought new cushions, Iv even,....... tidied my sewing room.......
Anything to avoid the big enormous vintage lace elephant in the room,

My good friend Pam  the crafty mugwump is a bit poorly at the moment and has madly decided to pass on her latest very large vintage piece for me to continue and finish.
What a responsibility, Pam is an outstanding exhibiting  contemporary embroiderer, whilst I am mostly enthusiastic and keen but still very much learning, like a young Labrador-- only fatter.

Iv always had trouble being a grown up, and had actually given up trying, but I don't want to disappoint Pam or her friends and family, but
today's the day !!!!
enough shilly-shallying.
Finally, Iv picked up my favourite needle, and current favourite thread, a beautiful creamy anchor Perle  ,and put some stitching into the monster,  I also gave my self a talking to and said come on girl, man up and grow a pair[my kids favourite expression] and took the scissors to it too.

Pam has a marvellous technique of building up background layers of papers, newspaper, music, labels and then.. horrors, --she cuts up vintage lace and doilies and paints, and foils and stamps over them, I'm hoping this elephant will give me magical powers and I will begin to be much, much braver and work with a much more natural organic style,as Iv been a bit straightliney recently, and the cutting was to expose a little more of the subtle background layers

phew!, it feels like that first time you run into the English sea when your on your on your hols ,terrifying, but so exciting,
,I may have to run away occasionally for a fix of second hand  raggy clothing and some serious colour, but iv broken my duck now, so Il give it my best go.
wish me luck......




  1. Yay! Well done you for diving in :-) You're going to have a great time. Keep us up to date with progress but let it take as long as it takes.

  2. Gosh, this sounds very exciting, can't wait to see a bit more of what you do with this vintage lace 'elephant'!

  3. Tina -forget all about who started this piece, it's yours now. Just go for it in your own style and at your own pace. And if it´s too big just cut it down
    Have fun with it.Pamxxx

  4. Sounds like good advice from Pam......just go for it :-)
    Personally, I can only work the cutting up' option would be my choice.
    BTW...I really like your profile; made me laugh.

  5. Keep stitching - it will tell you what to do and when (eventually) to stop

  6. Good luck with being more grown up,I know that I am still trying!
    Best wishes,Jackie


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