Tuesday, 22 May 2012

All present and correct

well, here it is, done and dusted
This little book is a birthday  present for Frankie,

I hope she likes it
I certainly enjoyed making it.

I love the way the pocket is also the hinge.

I found this little motto in a bag of fabrics she gave me for the kids, so added that as well.

Oh, I love these little books

I felt like a very proud mother last night, because, when I turned up at my local quilt group, several ladies had made their own version of the little book of pockets ,didn't have my camera with me so I cant show you, but ooh, I do feel proud.

Last Saturday, I was at the unique cottage studios- for sheep day, all the artists were demonstrating their techniques based on wool.
Angela was in her studio demonstrating dyeing wool,I was stitching a little picture ,made of dyed woollen blankets, and Wendy was demonstrating  needle weaving on the little copper wire frames- it was completely engrossing and we were all very absorbed in stitching these tiny little thingies.

Isnt it sweet....

I am starting a new project,dont know how it will work out, but its entertaining me,its a little meander book, keep watching to see how it goes

I found this scrap of a william wordsworth poem and it just set me off.........
  And then my heart with pleasure fills,and dances with the daffodils.

And if your wondering what this is, visit my other blog here.,

night night.


  1. What a treat for the eyes! The pockets book is such a great idea and a wonderful gift.

  2. I love the little book - it is so cute. (I get lots of nice comments about my/your lovely little book. Love the quote too.

  3. The pocket book is amazing, I am not surprised that you inspired loads to make one. You were right about the hair on the angel - sigh :) Can't wait to see the meander book, I doo like yellow

  4. Your pocket books are fabulous, love em to bits. Looks like you all had a great wool day, too ;)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous little book!

  6. wow, great post. Your book is brilliant, The hand stitching embroidery detail just makes it sing. xox

  7. that pocket book is adorable ....lucky Frankie...x

  8. Lovely colours and I like the pockets.
    I have put up a photo of the bandage in 'action'.


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