Sunday, 7 March 2010

another day in the saltmines

Another day in the salt mines comes to an end.I have sewn numerous badges ,onto scout/brownie/beaver uniforms and stitched up school trousers,sewn buttons back on, restitched a fallen hem and then sewn the trimming back onto my favourite handbag--a lot of sewing but no real stitching! aaagh grrr nash nash.

And just to make things worse,- I have struggled for hours to make the laptop put music onto a cd for the kids and failed...grrr nash nash.

A just to ruin the rest of the day, the sock basket has overflowed,... so --- should I spend the rest of the evening sock sorting or doing some lovely quilting?......hmmm[ thank god I brought home a really wonderful carrot /sultana/walnut cake with thick icing yesterday ,or I would lose the will to live] nighty night.

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