Thursday, 1 July 2010

thank god for sharpies

A short respite from the saltmines,I have had to stop sewing F.O.Q. quilt to pack rucksacks as 3 of the short people are off to P.G.L.-so-names on everything,towels,jammies,socks sunhats ect.thank god for sharpies! I wave goodbye to them tomorow night so other short persons friends arrive for sleepover followed by small sons seven mates for saturday sleepover.. plus, did I mention I sold my house? buyers are coming to visit, measure and bring extended family to see their future home on saturday. also grandchilds birthday tomorow also must have hair cut, coloured, removed on saturday also buy euros , bite cream , pack books , for holiday to greece on thursday also finish and post quilt also make labels tonight for luggage for PGL aaagh I am so very ,tired at the moment, this morning as I returned from the school run and neared my house, I noticed the grass verge was on fire, I came in put a load of laundry in, potted up a plant trimmed dogs hair and was aranging windscreen replacement ,when the fire brigade arrived , and I remembered the fire in the verge...back to the saltmines....


  1. Fantastic that you've sold your house!! Anywhere to go to? You will have definitely earned your holiday by the time you get there. Take care of yourself and enjoy Greece. xx

  2. Whew! I'm tired just from reading this. ;0)

    Congratulations on selling your home!
    Enjoy Greece! (I so hope to get there one day, as that is where my father's family is from... I would really love to see it.)

  3. Have a great holiday, you deserve a rest!

  4. Once again your work is beautiful!


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