Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hi everyone,I am afraid I haven't blogged much lately as I have been working on my quilt for the festival of quilts. As usual-leaving it to the last minute.Yesterday the pea room ladies set up their exhibition and today-we opened. The quilts were fabulous and we were mostly swayed with compliments-exept in one case.... I was hovering around my quilt when an older married couple examined it-closely-very closely-so- in stewarding mode,I said brightly "do you like it?" whereupon they verbally ripped it to pieces they were extremely descriptive in their dislike and criticisms--I shrank to the size of a mouse and crept away. on reflection it was quite funny really, it certainly takes all sorts to make a world..Anyway, the African fabric shop was there, and whilst I have made a pledge not to buy any more fabric till the F. O.Q. I can still buy threads beads and buttons and a really nice big basket that is both strong and soft,yahoo!
And when I got home I got out a journal page that I hadn't finished and I sat and sewed quietly for a nice long while.


  1. I love your basket and all the goodies you bought ,it a good job you saw the funny side of that silly womans comments, other wise you could be very disheartened ,and your work is really lovely Jan xx

  2. Ignore the grouchy couple, they've got no imagination or taste! Your shopping looks wonderfully impressive, gorgeous threads! I'm sorry we didn't make it across yesterday or today. Yesterday we were at the fete thing for Stewart and today I am totally exhausted. Sorry to have missed the show I was looking forward to coming but just feel lousy today :o(


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