Saturday, 12 June 2010

The long borders

So sorry I have been so quiet recently, really not like me I know. First off, I was very busy at half term fending off all the short people that kept hanging about possibly because it was granddads birthday, and then I was frantically trying to finish my quilt for the rufford competition and then my blogspot froze....... for a week!SO a week on, sadly I didn't get accepted for the exhibition but Angela did, its a clever and thoughtful quilt and I am very pleased for her,well done Angela!


  1. So sorry you didnt get chosen ,and that the PC froze how frustrating for you ,I love your wall hanging with the long borders , Jan xx

  2. More beautiful in person than the pictures convey! Soory it wasn't acepted this time - thier loss for sure!

  3. I wondered where you had got to :) I'm sorry your quilt didn't get in, they don't know what they're missing! See you tomorrow. x


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