Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Back again,been quiet for a few days whilst my injured pride recovers, anyway,-I have been reading textile traveler quite a bit lately and I am very taken with her idea of a scrap journal using fabrics and also I like her weekly journal quilts--so what if--I combined the two and made a weekly scrap journal quilt book? It would need to be a reasonable size to give me enough room for a bit of quilting and all the scraps of things I have done or sewn that week and it would need a firm backing to make it into a page ,pelmet vilene probably ,- like a giant postcard zigzagged round the edge not bound. and I would probably use a ring binder file and cover it, to allow for the thickness of the pages and I would write everything on the back so that I could make some sense of it a year later. Theres many weeks when I feel like I haven't done anything because I haven't made a proper quilt, but when I look at the bits I have saved for last week, I realise I have done quite a bit really...I will quilt and stitch into these journals just as I please, with no plan or design just stitching freely and enjoying the process and the texture and seeing where this idea takes me, exploring ,and maybe, if I am lucky, discovering something along the way

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