Tuesday, 1 June 2010

one week ago

the one week ago journal has two pieces of dyed wool wadding, and a felt flower for the sheep day, and three soft brushed cotton scraps for another baby jacket, a torn paper rose with blood red stitching for the evil rose bush I fell into, the green stripey painted background and a stitched piece of my birds tail feather for the proper quilt that I finished last week, and a net that I learned to make , and pink hearts trapped in it to show that mr shedman still captures my heart and 28 kisses as we have been together for twenty eight years last week.


  1. 28 years! (Mouth drops open, jaw hits floor.....) Congratulations!

  2. Happy 28 year versary! ;o) Great page, you have a lovely way of putting things together. What? No sequins?!


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