Saturday, 19 June 2010

happy stitching

I feel all nice and soothed now,I am back there tomorrow, and I will keep away from my own quilts!
p.s. two great blogs I have discovered- stitching life- a brilliant Yorkshire lady and a link from her blog[ I cant seem to load it up]called while I was waiting, check them out-they are great! p.p.s.- another blogger said if I really want to move then I need to stitch a cloth depicting all of us moving to a new house-- hey, its worth a try!


  1. Thank you for the mention! It's been a pleasure to come and see all your happy stitches :-)

  2. Beautiful stitching, I'm glad it soothed you. I would go for it! Stitch the move into a journal quilt and you'll be away!

  3. Gorgeous stitching! Thanks for the mention!

  4. I love the stitching on tactile!


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