Monday, 27 September 2010

Crazy Chicken returns!

Finally- I have broadband, I am back in the virtual blogworld- and oh!I have missed it so. and why have I been gone so long?- one word - B.T. Boxes are still being unpacked and paint colours chosen, but,by and large, we are in and settled. The sewing room is being fitted outwith shelves and stuff by Mr shedman--possibly we should now call him Mr no shedman.

I have really missed everyone Else's blogs but most of all I have missed sewing. The only stuff I have done this summer is the four journal quilts for the guild.But a wonderful return this weekend. I joined the other members of expeditionquiltart at a workshop tutored by Madeline Millington, who is a very pleasant and cheerful artist who uses dyed blankets for her work. We had a rainbow of colours to work with, and after instruction she gave us all free rein to do what we wanted-- hence the crazy chickens!
this will be a bag front, it will be quilted, adorned with stuff and of course SEQUINS!, we had a lovely relaxing and happy time and I thoroughly recommend her workshop!


  1. I'm seeeeeeewwwwww glad you're back! :))))))

  2. Love your work, the colours are fabulous. Must look further.

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog! I LOVE your hand-stitching; it's inspirational and makes me want to get my threads out :-)


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