Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Larger bossomed ladies.

First of all,apologies for not blogging sooner,my laptop has been getting stroppy and nomber, one son had to come back from Newcastle to refresh his proper southern accent and also fix the infernal machine, Thank you son!

Busy sewing  tonight as  I foolishly volunteered to shake a bucket for charity at the Dunelm stores Charity evening tomorrow night, and today my friend brought the tee shirts round--oh dear, we are both larger bossomed ladies and although the tee shirts did go over our heads, they didn't go over anything else, not in an attractive way, in fact my kids nearly wet themselves laughing.
So, I suggested that I  cut out the logos  and  fuse them to some  pelmet vilene  and  edge stitch them in yellow and we will just wear big badges. Voila!  
Bish Bash Bosh--job done. How clever am I?
As my friend left tonight, she said, these are brilliant.,but what will I say if they ask for the tee shirts back?   aaaagh.......


  1. Clever you & welcome back!

    Lovely pieces below.

  2. Welcome back. It's been very quiet without you. Oh big bossomed lady.

  3. Well done for creative thinking. I hope you enjoy yourself at Dunelm :)

  4. Wow! Kudos to a brilliant solution!

  5. A brilliant way of solving the problem, well done! Thanks too for your visit, your words made me smile :-)


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