Sunday, 24 October 2010

A bit more of Newark show

Wish me luck, here we go again, I will try to show some piccies of some nice quilts, again.

              I particularly liked these two, because, although fairly small they had tremendous detail in them.

I liked the calmness
and restricted colour pallete of this one.   

I have tried to catch the circular balcony.....

                       I thought this sketch book wasreally impressive.....

And finally, this is trudi from quilting prolifically s really big, one and only giant pumpkin.!


  1. The photos look great Tina. I'm glad Blogger finally played ball.

  2. Hope blogger giving you less problems. Looks like I missed a great show.

  3. Do you think I'll get a whole Cinderella Carriage out of that pumpkin?

  4. Didn't know about that show, sorry to have missed it. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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