Saturday, 13 November 2010

Autumn Gold

A very blowy and autumnal hello today.  I am finding it quite nippy, walking to school in the mornings, scarves and gloves are required but the short people and the maniac dog are loving it. Great piles of  gold and brown dry, crackling leaves are appearing everywhere and they all run  [including  maniac dog] from pile to pile kicking throughh the leaves  and throwing handfuls into the wind, which soon catches them and tidies them back into their piles.hmm  I am feeling very poetic today.

I drove up to the wolds last week, for a workshop near Louth with Sheena Norquee and the viewes were stunning, every hedge was golden, and at one point, I caught a glimpse of the sea in the far distance.

Sheena was great,she had so much to tell us, about needles and wadding and threads,she knows so much and yet is such a quiet and pleasant lady.

We were painting fantasy birds on fabric using various objects to print with, cotton buds and old cut up credit cards  and little screws , it was great fun.

Sheena had brought quite a large collection of small quilts featuring fantasy birds which she very kindly allowed us to examine, they were all wonderful, her hand stitching is as precise and perfect as her machine quilting.

,I have to say, mine was a bit rubbish, ahem, a work in progress  and I do intend to do a lot more to it,every one else went on to to very careful tiny machine quilting to their very nice fantasy  bird I had to leave early as it was Halloween,when I got back mr shedman had finished decorating our house and was lighting the candles. The short people were putting on costumes and waiting for me. We are very keen on trick or treat in our village, so the night was filled with witches and vampires, and we collected enough sweets, to sink a boat,brilliant.

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  1. Looks like an interesting and productive day. I do like the idea of enough sweets to sink a boat. I'm thinking battleship rather than canoe.


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