Sunday, 28 November 2010

chameleon quilt

Hello again, wow, isn't it cold  outside ? all the better to stay inside and sew!  been pretty occupied stitching something on my other more arty  blog, if you want to see click here  also been busy cutting out chameleons for no.tens multicoloured quilt         no.six of the not so short people has been making a wall hanging for  Christmas, pretty good for a twelve year old- a tall twelve year old  she says-[towers over me]  I am getting nervous now as she is starting to cast her eye over my stash,- and its mine all mine!

Also, look at these, a string of basketty Christmas shapes   £1.79p in dunelms  I should be able to paint them cream or gold or in my case purple and  gold and they should look quite nice....

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  1. Excellent wall hanging! She'll be coming to Academy Quilters next ;-)


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