Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Its lovely,its beautiful,its fun, love it, love it, loved it up till I slipped in it and landed on the small maniac dog, she howled, she cried, one back leg was limp,so I carried her poor broken body to my nearest friends house to get a lift home, as I stood in sallies sitting room with dog in my arms----she spied the cat asleep on the sofa, in one leap she was gone, chasing said cat round and round house, Sally has two flights of stairs so it took some time to catch small maniac dog, maybe her leg isn't broken after all     hmmm.....
I have done a little sewing this week click here,not much  on the gecko quilt yet, as usual, life got in the way, one of the short people brought home a hideous lurgy from school and shared it with the rest of us[Frankie says all children are germbags] so a lot of lemsip has been drunk[sloe gin being saved for Christmas
In the midst of my coughing and wheezing, no.5 daughter came round to visit as I was struggling with the Ipod that I got for my birthday and she showed me how to set it up and put all my cds on it.
WOW-fantastic ,because I am partially deaf, I haven't heard much of my music clearly for the last ten years, wow ! earplugs , clear music and its soo skinny, like a  little purple wafer of happiness, and I can sew whilst I am listening as it fits down my bra a treat!


  1. Not sure I wanted to know where you store your i-pod ;-) but I did laugh :-) Hope the maniac dog is ok.

  2. What a neat little gadget - I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it, but it sounds great. Happy musical stitching!

  3. great post - made me laugh alot !!!

  4. Oh what a cute doggie .... but what a monkey to have you going like that! lol!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh that little face! Happy Christmas ;)


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