Monday, 7 February 2011


Am I feeling perky? oh yes I am,I am back from the breast surgery with a new booby!, its great, I love it and its soo perky!
A little bit tender at the moment and oh boo hoo-- no vacuuming or ironing allowed for 6 weeks  yahoo! oh and a lot of chocolate gifts to eat.....
 anyway, the important stuff, my handbag has died, its my favourite , the best handbag I have ever owned, thank you marks and spencer, but all the beads and sequins are dropping off, its had several running repairs, but now I need a new one, preferably lime green and purple[ to match my intended new bras]

so, found a pattern I like.

and some fabric..

constructed two pieces of wonky log cabin patchwork and added a backing and wadding
and some great threads.
I have drawn the actual bag pattern over the patchwork so I can stitch and embellish up to about half an inch of the edge, I have some sequins and beads and I am just going to stitch away

This is fun!

I am really looking forward to playing with this bag!


  1. That's going to be the loveliest bag for miles around! Wishing you speedy recovery x

  2. That's going to be a gorgeous bag and should be a fun project to stitch! Best wishes for your recovery!

  3. Oh no!!! How will you cope?! No hoovering!! ;-) Glad you're home and recuperating. I shall look forward to seeing your new bag, it looks wonderful and very you! x

  4. Beautiful colors (you'll need LOTS of beautiful new bras to match ;)You could always add a few pieces of the old bag into the new one.

  5. Lovely colours. Best wishes, and thanks for following my blog.


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