Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Isn't it gorgeous!my lovely little quilt from my swap partner in  Australia arrived today Its a really lovely and very carefully stitched piece  with layers of Indian sari fabric and I feel very fortunate to have it.

It has very  fine kantha stitching, Thank you, penny.    I have added Penny's blog to my list or go visit her at    I had a look at her earlier postings, interesting stuff and amazing photos,   makes our lincolnshire fenland look very flat............ and  wet.

Penny also sent me a beautiful small  watercolour painting and a piece of aboriginal design fabric.    I really enjoy these swaps, I enjoy making something to a theme and I get really really excited at the prospect of getting something in the post from a foreign country from  a fellow stitcher.


  1. Beautiful! You couldn't have got a better matched partner! Yayyyy!

  2. So glad it arrived safely and you like it, it was one of my favorites too. Next time we are in the UK we may come and visit, always wanted to look at that country.

  3. Exactly what Trudi said.
    What treasure, and what luck. Perfection!

  4. I love the little quiltie,lucky you.The water colour looks a joy too.

  5. Lucky lady! :-) I admired that quilt too. It's beautiful. Still waiting for mine to arrive.

  6. Thanks for your comments - everybody at the workshop chose the Jan Beany/Jean Littlejohn/Fibrefusion tiny snippets background to work from!

    Love the quilt.


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