Sunday, 17 April 2011


Its been a hard week, slaving over sweaty children, who keep asking for meals and constantly expecting to wear clean, ironed clothes,   grrrr  grrr.Luckily, my life has been saved by this woman,  who restored my will to live. About 30 years ago, I took my eldest son to the library and we took out a book with lovely patchwork pictures in it.   It was the first patchwork I ever saw and I fell in love with it .
I never expected to be doing a workshop with the author 30 years later.........

Janet Bolton, and her wonderful box of delights  came to enchant us this weekend, and we were inspired!
she gave us a talk and a workshop and showed us all her marvellous little folk art pictures.Her pictures are very spacey and calm very simple and elegant, very nostalgic.....

 we all tried very hard to make ours as good as hers........

Trudi based hers on her allotment garden- theres a pumpkin coming.

some were based on the seaside.

there was even a flying fish.

some got more done than others

mine isn't here, it needs work, I have to remove the kitchen sink!


  1. Don't you just want to dive in to that box?! Lucky you. And what lovely work you all produced.

  2. Thansk for your sweet comments. Your blog profile cracked me up laughing, While my son is grown, the five dogs we hsve are just as whimy as kids sometimes can be, except no ironing. I fell in love with Janet Bolton long ago, lucky you, her work is totally amazing. xox Corrine

  3. Looks like an exciting workshop :)


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