Sunday, 24 April 2011

I have a deckchair......

I have a new deckchair, its lovely! now all I need is time to sit in it . The house is still  full of kids having sleepovers  [boy, is that ever a stupid name.]  and Mr shed man has decided to build a new deck....

 the maniac dogs have been helping.
so, not a lot of sewing, some here, and a bit of work on the Janet Bolton piece, she has layers of edges, and they often are a little wobbly on purpose to keep the folk theme going,but, at the moment, the centre is empty, 
  to me,    its a big fenland landscape but it really should have something in it, I am going to spend some time on this ,because  I want to get it right.

Working on the frames first.

do you see the little edge peeping out?
Tomorrow I am off to the lazy daize studio for a get together with Trudi [quilting prolifically] and Angela[fenland textile studio, ] I am bringing cake and looking forward to a quiet sewing day.....

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  1. Laughing at the term sleep over, you got that right. Is Mr. Shed Man like Tommy from Ground Force, that's a pretty big deck. Cute pup. xox Corrine


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