Wednesday, 11 May 2011


THINKING------I was in primark last week, and I saw these four great little brooches on a card, for £1.50
And I thought, wouldn't they be great, pinned onto the front of a personal book cover, as a gift for someone.[ notice how I am completely fixated on book covers at the moment?]
Bish Bash Bosh!spent all week making a book cover for my daughters friend, and I have really enjoyed it!

Last year we made Amelia a fabric birthday card, and its been on her wall all year, so I knew it would be appreciated, sometimes, you make something as a gift and its not really wanted, so I am care full who I give gifts to.

I really really enjoyed making this but, it has created a number of requests from other people for similar items.
Number seven asked me to make a book cover from her favourite [torn ]trousers and you know how I love re purposing fabrics,so,
here we go again.....

CAKING---------Seem to have eaten about , a ton of cake recently two family birthdays plus Trudi, plus, this week,- Frankie, happy birthday Frankie!  
here are some pics of the famous ice cream cake, loved by all of my family, contains no cake whatsoever, only ice cream, and layers of sweets, very easy to make,  yum yum......

SCOUTING----That's why I haven't been about much, packing, tenting, camping, unpacking, washing, practise tenting in garden,
not much sewing.......


  1. Sweet, sweet books, the yummiest ice cream cake ever, for a busy person you get alot done! xox Corrine

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  3. Great cake!
    Ha ha no there'll still be posts from the Fens and coast! Not a yellowbelly by birth (Essex girl!!) but feel so at home here. Lis x


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