Tuesday, 18 October 2011

,Back to blighty-boo hoo......

hello again      
I am back from my lovely sunny, beachy, gorgeous holiday to a windy, nippy, leaf blowy lincolnshire village, the sugar beets nearly all in, and the wheat and rape  for next years already sprouting. Halloweens nearly here and I haven't finished my journal quilts for the guild, they are nearly finished, but my holiday got in the way, that and I got a bit carried away with the design
.You may remember we have to complete 12 quilts, 10 ins square, in a year, each set of 4 having set elements-- so this set have to contain text.
I  was feeling a bit bored with the prospect of another 12 small quilts in a box, so I made an executive decision, and thought I would make a book with my blocks,a concertina book,, a book telling a story about a gecko, a gecko travelling across my garden looking for a nice place for a nap, there are pockets, flaps, pictures, miniature books, seeds ,pebbles and sequins,this is what happens when you get bored with making curtains for family members, don't know why I agreed, I don't even make my own curtains, clearly I am losing the plot and need a holiday.........
sadly, Mr shed man disagrees as he hasn't recovered from being left with children whilst I was off gallivanting.......
anyway, this is the gecko, and actually, I am really enjoying doing it, will show you all of it in a few days...

came back  to a glorious show of the last dahlias, 
 you've got to love them.

want to see some more stuff????
come and visit  here  expedition is up and running again.
I would love to write some more but blogger is refusing to upload any more pictures and keeps freezing, so, back in a few days,


  1. Nice, love concertina books, Fall views welcome. Rain and damp here, feels like UK. xox Corrine

  2. Quite a shock to come back to the freezing weather we have had this week.
    Thanks for your comment, appreciated. Good luck with the book.


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