Wednesday, 4 April 2012

catching up....

How is it that I can be to busy to blog, but I am never to busy to buy a new handbag!
I just thought that if Trudi from quilting prolifically can  show off  a new handbag, so can I, and isn't it lovely.....
I went to the sewing for pleasure   show last week, mostly I was looking for threads, but I kept getting drawn to this lovely layer cake, don't usually buy fabric- but oooh this was sooo beautiful,the sheer flamboyance and exuberant colours kept calling out to me, and I'm not generally a big quilt person any more, but I could see myself on a cool summers evening in the garden,sitting on the swinging seat, wrapped in this big floral quilt- hopefully beautifully quilted by Trudi [not me].

I also bought a really nice little bag of Japanese scraps, quite fancy playing with them,

Moving on to more interesting things......
this Saturday, my good friend Angela from fenland textile studios is having an open studio day, I am really excited for her to have a really energising space both to work and teach in...
please do come over to spalding ,lincolnshire for a visit and a cup of tea, both Trudi and I will be there, Trudi will be machine quilting on the big frame- I will be hanging about and eating all the cake, and stitching a bit......
follow this link for directions.

Angela's given me some of her natural dyeing samples to do something with ,I know its natural because its got tiny bits of stick caught in it........-very nice soft rose colours.....

whilst stitching, I decided to look for some inspiration on my book shelf, and I dug out this old favourite- an absolute cannot live without essential for all quilters, well written, well photographed, an oldie but goody.

that's all for now, I would love to see you on Saturday, come see the baby lambs, the tulips and the flat, flat horizons and of course, the studio.....
bye for now---Tina


  1. Welcome back - I have missed your posts. The bag is gorgeous and the fabrics awesome. Good to see you working again. Sadly the studio is too far from London. Have a good weekend though. xx

  2. Would love to see the baby lambs, and the stitching and eating cake, all sounds wonderful. Enjoy. xox

  3. Wendy and I will be there to share the cake :-) That bag is delicious and very you. I still havn't used the natural dyed pieces we made at Angela's workshop but you have given me some ideas. See you Saturday!

  4. Was lovely meeting you today ... Off to find that quilt shop you mentioned!

  5. Love what you've done with those pretty rose samples, that's my kind of stitching ;)


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