Monday, 30 April 2012

seems like yesterday

deepest apologies, I hadn't realised how long its been since I last blogged,
 I intended to post last week and do a review of the uttoxeter show, but my new sooper dooper phone refuses to move my photos so Iv been sulking.
not just sulking actually, Iv been such a miserable whiner for the past few weeks that my good friend Frankie felt obliged to make me three perfect little prayer flags to cheer me up.

I thought this one was a particularly good likeness-especially the hair, got that right.

very kind, thank you Frankie.
so what have I been doing lately?, well the doodly thing is nearly finished, I have just bought a little screen printing wot sit, so I thought Id add a bee, cool huh....

And a sort of indian paisley flower.

also machine quilting this little chap[I know, I'm rubbish , wheres Trudi when you need her]]
And here's some glimpses of an interesting stitchy thing, that will be a gift so only glimpses,I'm afraid.
I do love stitching- hope it looks indian...

And here's a shopping tip of the week;-A  precision oilier,
  fantastic for sewing machines, less than 10 pounds in a halfords near you, or possibly your hubby's toolbox, I can say this because Mr shed man doesn't read my blog,Trudi says everyone should have one.

And does anyone remember this?Mexican shibori...
its had a nice holiday in the wardrobe, now its time to come out and be
STITCHED-A LOT...if you want to see more visit my other  blog,

thank you and goodnight...

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  1. enjoying those Indian inspired stitches ....x


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