Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I am ready for the getgo!

Oh yes , I am soo ready!!!!
I have the  tea set, ready for my royal jubilee tea,
and the tray,

And the tea towel,and the travel mug- but I dropped it,
 AND the shopping bag,

and two sorts of bunting,
and the face paint????
and a big shopping bag that I forgot to photograph,
and actual union jack paper chains[I had to look for them]

And the car flags and the big flags and the kids have the tee shirts,
and the hair bobbles and sunglasses, I even had union jack MnMS yesterday
Mr shed man has the royal underpants and did I mention
five, yes five different union jack  sofa cushions,
The next village up the road is having a best jubilee decorated house competition, why didn't we think of this?
OOH YES, I am definitely ready......
Anyway, I had a good day today,I went to town to buy a watering can- hose pipe ban etc...blah blah
, and saw a basket of threads in the window of the charity shop,they had to come home with  me
,also three rather fine necklaces, gorgeous beads....

And a great hat with a good open weave, guess what I will do to it?

Did I mention my jubilee necklace?

Sewing? oh yes sewing,
I am really excited about my new project, but you will need to visit my other blog to see it,
night night......Tina.


  1. What, no picture of the Royal Underpants - you could go viral with that. Come back soon as its mostly give-aways next month.

  2. THreads? In a charity shop? You are so lucky! Enjoy your jubilee celebrations!

  3. the Olympic tourch just went past the end of my the rain!... and the youngest grandson has a Jubilee party at school this afternoon... lots of flags and red white and blue here as well xx have fun

  4. Yes you are ready and raring to go ......couldn't get to your other blog :(......x

  5. Looks fascinating, great hat and yummy beads. xox

  6. Many thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Your post made me smile.You definitely are more than ready. I hope you have had a great weekend.

  7. what did you do with the hat?


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