Thursday, 7 June 2012

the partys over....

Yes, sadly, the party's over and wev all been jubilleeed out, doubly so in our house, as it was also Mr shed mans 60th birthday as well as the queens big do,  ooh, we were busy,
but now back to sewing, remember  this page?
I am making two folding books at the same time and I am soo excited about them, The page above is modern fabrics, scraps, bits and bobs
, ah but the lower page  is part of a book that will be entirely made from angela daymonds naturally dyed fabrics.
the lace, cotton, and threads were dyed with daffodils.

I would like to say she kindly gave them to me, but actually I was really cheeky and rifled through her natural dye samples and snaffled quite a bit-
[ shes used to me by now]

these will be the backs[ to be stitched]

And this is the next page
these fabrics are dyed with Cutch, an Indian dye.

And this is the other side

and blogger has eaten my next photo, Im getting resigned to this now....if youd like to see my other book- its fun please visit here..night night,



  1. Google clearly decided they deserved to be seen :) It looks like a very happy party.
    Love the D for page, the background fabric makes it special. Of course my favorite is the zingy yellow ..

  2. Love the colours and mix of fabrics. Happy Birthday Mr Shedman. Mr Whizz Kid also had a birthday this last weekend (54 grumpy years) and have not managed to get him off his iPad ever since.


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