Sunday, 17 June 2012

hippie chick strikes again

Yay! we have a hippy chick in the house
.One of the divas came in today clutching a well grown out of favourite pair of jeans, and asked me to............. make a bag!!!!!!!!!.
it doesn't seem five minutes since my mum made me just such a bag, I had enormous Rupert bear tartan oxford bags and a really long nearly to the floor woollen waistcoat and every week I would sit and gaze at top of the pops and hope to see Marc bolan and t. Rex- this was before my David cassidy days...
hm, maybe more than five minutes then...

so, we set to and cut and stitched,she did really well and we found a sort of retro floral for the lining
bish bash bosh!
a very pleasant afternoon stitching, resulting in a fab new bag, cool huh.

so what else have I been doing?
tomorrow evening I will be at the pea room quilting group as part of a 4 corners  night,what am I teaching?
well, I was asked to do some of my funny stuff.
so funny stuff it is.

I thought I would show my folding books so Iv quickly made some basic pieces to explain the process
so, above is the vilene pages stitched together.

above is one with a couple of pages stitched in,I didn't know what to base this little book on, and then I thought---buttons, got a lot, keep collecting them, never use them, now I will, hurrah

am I getting carried away? its only supposed to be an example....I thought if I showed the ladies some simple books then the tea book wouldn't be such a shock,  how funny should I be exactly?
.oh and PS Iv added my little plan at the bottom in case anyone wants to have a try, go on, you know you want to, and all the blocks are square, by the way.
ha! one last page.


  1. I love the way you make aomething pretty from nothing - and never in a conventional way. Thanks for the plan and pics - I too am over-run with buttons. The bag takes me back - did I really fit into size 8 jeans after kids? (Marc Bolan - yes! - David Cassidy - never!)

  2. hope she loves and uses the bag... I would! Have fun at your group meeting x

  3. Oh I love books that fold like this, nice pages and the bag is hippy dippy wonderful. xox

  4. I had a denim bag too, made it myself and it wasn't nearly as good as yours, but it never wore out. I love that your daughter isn't hooked on 'designer' labels.

    The book is fab and if the pea room ladies don't love it then there is no hope ;)

  5. What a great idea for recycling old jeans (and I've got tons of them). I'm going to pull them out and reconsider. Also loved your folding books--they are so fun and cheerful!
    best, nadia

  6. Having a tall stack of old jeans, I think I'm going to have to make myself a bag now. Very fun project. And your button book is sooo cool--you're right, I'm itching to try!
    best, nadia


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