Wednesday, 19 September 2012

cor blimey!thats a big one....

and look at that beach....

We went to the seaside on Saturday, for a perfect day.

where else would you see a giant mobile aluminium fish[maybe a whale] theatre, allowing two whole people to see a performance /

buckets and spades

Donkeys and deckchairs.

Playing in the sand
A big metal dog riding a bike
And of course, that well known traditional seaside food, paella.      yum yum....
In my opinion, mablethorpe is the best seaside in Britain, and you cant beat a perfect day at the seaside... 
But enough of this, lets get on to the stitchy stuff.

This is part of a sleeve of part of a silk blouse that my good friend Mary gave to me to pop into my space dyeing tray at summer school,
 But it wants to be a pocket in my next pocketty book , yes , another book.yes I know I have seven [ or possibly 107]on the go, but whats one more
so I started stitching.

Its coming along quite nicely

adding bits and bobs, just doodling,

Its alright, its quite nice, but I'm a bit bored,  its a bit....    normal, maybe that's alright, I was 54 yesterday so maybe its time to be a grown up and do grown up stuff........


It needs something, it needs,
dangly things...
oh yes, definitely dangly things....

Il be back when Iv finished the dangly things....


  1. Looks like a fun day at the beach. The big cauldron of paella looks great! Love you new piece. xox

  2. I love the seaside, and very jealous that yours has paella!
    Loving your stitchy stuff in all it's beautiful colourful glory, especially the dangly bits, can't wait to see more x

  3. I am so pleased to see you back - normal - no not you - unusual and weird is what I like. Nice pics.


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