Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Helloh again,that will be me then, back from Turkey, - again, and just about cooked.
 its soo nice there.
and my folding book, known by the family as big red- even though its only six ins square,
 is also just about cooked .
Its been a labour of love, something I had to get out of my system

I dont think the pages have photographed very well as I am having to use a differant room, as we are refitting our kitchen-  - ourselves...
I dont understand it, whenever I watch DIY SOS  it all looks so easy, and soo quick..... 


  1. Your book is fabulous, such gorgeous colours and beautiful stitching.

  2. It's very red ;-) and very beautiful. I thought you were quiet! I forgot you'd fled the country lol Hope you survive the kitchen refit.

  3. Wow! All that and only six inches square? Welcome back to chilly Lincolnshire and to Blogland, you were missed but glad you enjoyed Turkey - lots of inspiration I bet.
    PS I always find photographing reds to be difficult, it's such a fast colour - in a speed sense not a permanent sense!!!

  4. Fabulous book! DIY? Yes, it always takes longer than you'd hope, doesn't it? Sounds like an ambitious project, hope it goes well for you.

  5. Tina,
    I have a square for you - do you still have room? You have a quite a wonderful collection already!

  6. Hi, Tina. One can only say "WOW!" That is one inspired red book. Very fun! Lately I've been craving hot pink and I see you've included lots of it, too. Is there another book of a different color in the making?
    best, nadia

  7. Wow! Amazing colours. I love the felted piece (second to last) and then the last one, the seedheads. Fabulous!

  8. Nice to see you back!
    And who need a kitchen anyway, there are always takeaways

  9. That is such gorgeousness.........xx

  10. Lovely, glorious, beady, sequiny RED.

    I know I'm just going to love this blog.


  11. Oh ... I love, love the book. I am in NZ on holiday and bought a little stitching and sequins ... you ALWAYS inspire me to be more daring ... so maybe this work will be less conservative.


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