Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Fishy tale

do you remember, me telling you about the mablethorpe seaside beauties festival?- and the amazing metal fish travelling theatre?
Well, very recently, I had the good fortune to attend an effie gallettly landscape workshop, she was marvellous, and her inspiring photos of the isle of lewis made us all want to visit there next year, everyone made lovely pieced landscapes, exept me....
effie was very nice and understanding and very quickly realised that I was probably happiest doing something slightly differant- a seascape or beachscape in fact- featuring---the metal fish.

 its a bookcover, for my mablethorpe book, havnt made the book yet, but I did enjoy making the cover.

been working on my hedgerows book, enjoying it, its all sort of, well, hedgy really, animals, leaves, sticks ect

just started on the cover,
 I found a vintage jacket in the jumble- sort of thick woven stuff, anyway the collar is now a cover with added bits and bobs of course....its all coming along nicely..
 thankyou to everyone who has enquired after my new kitchen,, no its not done, still a lot of sandwichs in our life......sigh......


  1. I love the fishy book cover which did make me a bit nostalgic for England.

    Lovely, lovely work.

  2. Lovely to see you yesterday and I love the Mablethorpe cover. Your hedgy book is beautiful, I hope you're going to bring it Monday. Thank you for the KitKat. :-)

  3. Wow! I LOVE the bookcover--so whimsical and charming. The fact that it is also a delightful memory makes it even better.

  4. The book cover for Maplethorpe is such fun. Glad you broke away from boring!
    Hope kitchen finished in time for the turkey!

  5. When are you starting the Guy Martin Book? I Dare You !. And Should I bring Meals on wheels for Mr Shedman on Monday?

  6. When are you starting a Guy Martin Book? I dare You. Should I bring meals on Wheels for Mr Shedman on Monday?.


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