Wednesday, 5 June 2013

sewing, sewing gone

Is this a bag?  or what?
I thought I would have a go at Ineke Berlins famous denim jeans bag, doesn't look very big in the book,
in real life- its enormous, I once made a loose cover for a large sofa, and this felt like a similar project, but its a wonderful, gigantic, mahoosive [yeah- new hip word- means quite large], the pattern comes from the book- The Quilted Object, excellent book.
Yes, the children are missing one or two pairs of jeans.
really enjoyed making this monster- just got the binding to finish, oh and its got secret pockets inside too.
Remember my silly book? some of my good friends have completed a page for me. this is Julies- tiny little hand dyed pieces of velvet, lovingly stitched over- it really  is exquisite.
And this is Wendy's-absolutely lovely, those little blue stars are tiny and have teeny tiny glass beads in them.

And look at this tiny pocket of stardust- guess what the song is....

what a beauty this is -thank you Jane
the detail in this is amazing.
I am very lucky to have such talented friends, thank you all.

and finally- this is the beginning of the cover of the silly book, hopefully it will improve.....
Il be off now, need to finish the bag ,must blog more often...


  1. The bag is just so beautiful Tina and typically you. The book pages are lovely too, so much variety and clever ladies. Your Silly Book cover was looking great today, I do love the painted background.

  2. Your comment on my blog made me laugh. I hope to do a post about the altered book soon but there are still lots more boring bits to do before it starts to get interesting.
    I love your bag - it's absolutely gorgeous. The fabric book pages are beautiful too - who wouldn't enjoy leafing through that book.

  3. You really must stop stealing your children's clothes, naked is not the 'new look'. The bag is huge and scrummy and I could easily sit in it and I can see that we may need to take a huge car with us when we go on holiday next time.
    The silly book cover is already a delight, I can't wait to see how you finish it, I will drool as always :)

  4. I'd love a swim in the sea today!
    Thank you for your comment.

  5. I love that book and the whole idea behind it.
    The bag is a beauty and you have made it so unique. Make sure you only put lightweight things in it!!


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