Sunday, 23 June 2013

wings of time

Just back from a very lovely holiday in kusadasi, Turkey, yes I know-again..
but I really love turkey.
I was barely back when I discovered that Pam from crafty mugwump had announced a small exhibition being put on by calico- a stitching group guided by Biddy Baxter, So I hotfooted it over to visit.......
Oh my goodness, what lovely pieces of stitching, such skill and artistry, every single piece was exquisitely worked, a total feast for my eyes,

 I find this fine detailed work absolutely inspiring, I wish I could sew like this.
These tiny shoes are so beautiful and delicate
my flash wasn't working, so these  photos arnt the best.
I love the fragility and transparency of this piece.
This was a great opportunity to see this piece again, something about this always gives me a strong emotional response
don't know why- but I love it .Time has wings- how true..
my camera definitely doesn't do this purse justice- its soo gorgeous.
I had a lovely time, sat around drinking tea and chatting with the group, they are very talented and hardworking ,and I was lucky enough for pam to show me her next work in progress WOW..
and when I got home, these were waiting for me, aahh...
And now for this weeks weird moment.......
When I started my silly love songs book, my good friend Annette wasn't around to have a page forced on her[lucky escape?]anyway, I thought I would dedicate a page to her, I chose the song about the red rose in Spanish Harlem, amazingly , we met up on Friday and she gave me , this lovely small painting as a gift, she did it with ink tense pencils on cotton, isn't it wonderful- and just right!   spooky or what?
Thought for the week- I read this somewhere,-Art should give comfort to the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.


  1. Lovely way to start the week reading this post Tina. I now wish I had gone to this exhbition, it's wonderful! Thanks for blogging it here. I particularly love the Time pieces, a bit like what I've been trying to do with the Horizons piece. Gorgeous flowers! Hope your party weekend went well.

  2. I remember the first time I saw modern embroidery, the excitement and knowing that that is what I wanted to do. Still do...


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