Monday, 7 October 2013


Yes I know I should blog more often, but life gets in the way, and life's been very good recently, been to several quilt shows, been to the seaside quite a bit ,been to a festival or two, and mostly, been sewing a you like the face? julie from mixedmedia showed me how to do this, cool huh....
this is my friend Wendy's sunflower bowl, she spent a lot of time dyeing the fabrics and constructing this lovely thing.

I really enjoyed stitching this book cover, my French knots are improving.

and this is the cover of my silly hearts book

And this rather beautiful place is Sandsend
, near Whitby, We had a wonderful holiday travelling up the east coast all he way to Bamburgh castle, I especially enjoyed Alnmouth, Alnwick and loitering in Barter Books, and I am definitely going back to Beamish....
this photo in no way does justice to this marvellous quilt .which was covered in fabric books
we saw this at the festival of quits and were blown away by it.

I didn't make this but I wish I did, isn't it exuberant....

 aaaahhh  summer days....


  1. Lots of lovely happy colours, I wouldn't expect anything else! See you tomorrow!

  2. It is absolutely superb. I love your embroidery. Congratulations

  3. What a lovely blog you have,I have just enjoyed whiling an hour away looking through it,thankyou for some marvellous inspiration.

  4. Lovely work, as ever! Glad that you've had a fun summer!


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