Wednesday, 24 December 2014

seasonal panicking

Its been some time since I last posted but theres a quiete moment between visitors, cooking, and wrapping, so here goes,

been bussily making little pressies for my friends,

learned some new stitchs, that one in the top left.

improved my French knots....NOT.[ still a bit loopy]

had some lovely sewing times at my friends homes,

been playing with dissolvable[ completely addictive]

thankyou so much to everyone who has given me a lovely present, can you see the sequins on these wonderful mittens

I will never lose a bendy tape measure ever again

this lovely card says, stitch me- or put me in your December journal, this will be the 4th year that iv made a journal for December and the first year that I don't have a chest infection.
Again, thank you everybody for your lovely gifts and I hope you like yours, and this year in particular- lets all hope for peace.
I am going to start blogging again and will show you all my stitchy stuff,  bye bye.


  1. 6 months since your last post?! I thought I was bad lol ;-) Merry Christmas, Tina, have a fab time with your family. Thanks for all the good times this past year xxx

  2. Tina, love the title of this post! And your stitches. Looking forward to more. You promised.

  3. Wow, good to see you back! Looking forward to seeing your stitchy stuff. :o)

  4. Not sure how I got here but have enjoyed a wee look around.
    Wishing you creative joy in 2015 - enjoy your stitching :-)


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