Sunday, 4 January 2015


Well here we are , another new year, and lots and
lots of sewing to look forward to.
I thought I might tell you about my design process for making something new,

Quite often I will have a rough idea, and while I am asleep an idea will pop into my head and it will haunt me every night and I will go through every detail  in my sleep, and the only way to break this cycle is to start making the thing

And this is my latest thing, its a fabric book about the waves in a storm at sea, clearly in my head it is four inches wide and twelve inches deep, so all stitching is teenyweeny,  I have travelled around my sewing room picking bits and bobs and some indigo dyed stuff and scraps and beads and sequins and beautiful threads until I have assembled a basket of stuff [a technical term] and off I go.......

lots of snipping and layering, does it look like waves?
.........needs sequins doesn't it,
I have an aweful lot of other work to finish this year, and here I am on another project....

I am hoping these Chinese knots sort of look like bubbles--sea foam- I will add glass beads, too I think and waaaay more thread.

you shall have a fishy....
these are less than an inch long...

Iv made the executive decision to make only two signatures of four sides so that it will be quicker to finish than some of those eighteen page monsters Iv done in the past,
and I need to get it done because new ideas are starting to pop into my head,......

And I really want to make a stitch journal of all the variations of shisha stitching that I keep finding on pinterest,
 And an orangey book,
and some funky clothes..
and fabric beads.
and finish my new York beauty,
 and the david hockney challenge
and some embroidered buttons.
and I quite fancy making a big pocketty bag too..........

ooh and I want to make some of those phillipa Naylor circles too......


  1. Love the wavy "thing" ! (it looks like felt ...)
    Oh, so much fun to find all the bits and pieces and make something new !
    Love all the blues and stitches

    A happy new year with lots of plans, it seems ;-)

  2. Wow, I love this! No wonder it threw itself to the head of the queue!!

  3. I wish I'd had a proper look at this yesterday. It looks fabulous here. Bring it Monday won't you?


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