Tuesday, 18 May 2010

dyeing wool

As you have probably read, fenland textiles aka angela and I have been playing again,this time with wool and wool dyes. and its gorgeous but messy. Angela touched some freshly dyed wet wool and instantly turned into an avatar with blue hands - very attractive. We also dyed some wool wadding and got a lovely mottled soft colour from both pieces, one was a pinky lavender and one was a soft pale mossy green this was very surprising as we had painted it yellow and orange with blue edges but the dyes combined in the microwave we were having a play ready for this saturday which is sheep day at the unique cottage farm studios at spalding, where there will be felt making and weaving and spinning and dyeing and of course--SHEEP also tea and cake[ I hope].

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  1. I like the new look of the blog :o) I'll see you on Saturday. I'm coming with Wendy from Emmeline's Place. Save me some cake!


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