Tuesday, 18 May 2010

thankyou patchandi

I had a lovely surprise today--a parcel from Australia,Patchandi has sent me a lovely covered book as a present as she chose me as one of her receivers in her recent gift it forward. Now I will have to make 3 quilty gifts and gift them forward to some lucky people, but I wont ask for volunteers yet as I have a lot on as usual, and anyway, I am sulking this week as the house I wanted to move to,that has been for sale for 3 years , that is the reason I haven't been sewing much ,as we have been tidying our house up to sell it to buy the other one ........has bloody sold! boo hoo! if one more person tells it just wasn't meant to be I swear I will scream aaagh!I had mentally planned where my furniture was going, and more importantly, planned where the sewing machine would be in my new sewing room so thank you patchandi, you have cheered me up ,you and a large bar of galaxy!

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