Friday, 26 August 2011

how to make a small raggeddy bag

My good friend Frankie made me this lovely little bag for my ipod.
Its lovely, but too small for my large earphones,
and then I found this funny little bag in my scrap box,
its a washing machine bag for soap tablets.

I always keep those tiny strips and shards of fabric, I am sure they will be use full for something, I had thought of putting them into hand made paper.

With a large bodkin[wool needle would do]  I have threaded the strips through the mesh, leaving at least an inch sticking out at both ends., it didn't take long and I soon had the entire bag threaded with strips and some ribbons.

I took out the white drawstring and replaced it with a multicoloured chord.

I love the bag, but I dont think the fabric strips are secure, you could easily catch a strip on the inside, and it would come out.

So I measured the bag, and cut a rectangle of cheerfull fabric, and  stitched up the sides.

I turned the bag through, so that the nice side was inside and ironed a sheet of bondaweb to both sides of the outside. 

Then I turned the lining inside out, so that the bonded side was inside.

Then  I popped the inside out mesh bag inside the inside out liner, this sounds confusing, look at the photos.

Then I folded the top edge of the liner   under, to but up to the drawstring

Then I ironed the liner carefully, so that the two layers bonded together.

finally,I put a running stitch around the top edge, so that there wouldnt be any unplanned flapping.

Not being able to leave anything alone, I finished off with a bit of stitching on some of the smoother areas and then added a few tiny little buttons.

And there we are, a nice little raggedy bag for  my little sliver of purple loveliness.

If I wanted to make a similar but differant sized bag, you can buy this nylon mesh, its a type of net curtaining, in some large curtain making supply shops in 5 differant colours for only two squid a metre, maybe next time I might
1. make a book cover
2. use longer strips so that I have some flat areas to stitch into.
3. use ribbons, cords, and knitting wool for extra texture.
4 .make a handbag, or a cushion.
6.  add beads.

If you liked this, please tell me, thanks, byeee.


  1. neat! Good idea to bond the lining like that.

  2. How fantastic is that, OMG I love it. xox Corrine

  3. Wow what a project! I think I would have stopped at, oh dear the little bits of fabric aren't secure but it's pretty..... Well done for seeing it through and coming up with such a great finish!

  4. It is fab. I read the post waiting for the adding of beads and sequins. And you didn't, so I read more and you finished the bag. Then I smiled as you added the buttons. Girl after my own heart :) I love the way you threw all that colour together and it works beautifully.


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