Monday, 22 August 2011


Want to see what I bought at F.O,Q   ?     Well not this giraffe but wasn't it great, I was quite hypnotised watching that man, sticking little bits of paper all over it....

Now THIS is proper bling!

I am going to have soo much fun with these,the nice boys who sold me these have a large shop in Bradford[department store actually]  and they are having a sale in october--I feel a road trip coming on.

 utterly gorgeous!

I found these sequins they are really really tiny- my favourites.

new supplies of my favourite threads, soo scrumptious!

more lovely stuff!

 spent some time with steph francis,s threads.......

I m not one for gadgets, but apparently this is idiot proof for idiots who cant do immaculate mitres---ah, but I can now, cos I have one of these.....

 oooh I just loved these enormous buttons..

 final thought, I liked this quilt too, very lively and vibrant.


  1. Fantastic stash, next time can I follow you around? If you plan a day trip to Bradford, can we put together a car full - I don't mind driving. Texere are just round the corner from Bombay Stores and there are other places that could make it a bit of an adventure :)

  2. Loved to see what caught your eye (and your purse), those threads are so yummy and I'm interested in that mitre gadget - let me know how you get on with it please.

  3. Bling a ding ding indeed. That textured felt is gorgeous too! xox Corrine

  4. Oooh! Yummy bling! Look forward to seeing you use these.

  5. I saw those bradford guys at the aintree show there stuff was amazing and at a good price too..I bought a lovely indian bag off them and other assorted goodies..I like your sense of humour in your profile..midget gems ha ha

  6. got some great things!!!!
    Love Oliver Twists and Stef Francis.....


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