Saturday, 13 August 2011


Just back from the FOQ at Birmingham, wow!, it was fantastic so many great quilts and such a high standard of craftsmanship, this was the first quilt I saw and its wonderful  ,packed full of sequins, it sparkled at everyone walking through the doors, lovely.

This was a striking quilt liked this one very much

this was really well executed, marvellous detail, the shopping bags held miniature quilt supplies,
it has a sense of humour and the shapes of the people are captured very effectively.

 this was outstanding, it conveyed exactly the feeling of outback life,
 again, incredibly well executed, a joy to look at.

Women at the window.
incredible, outstanding,stitching was outstanding,
colours were lovely,vibrant and yet restful, there is a great harmony about this one.

A close up, gorgeous. 

what a rhinocerous

 I loved the technical detail in this piece.,
mathematical and beautiful

Look at the sheer quality of the stitching, the way the white overlays the background,
 this was a really lovely piece

This Aboriginal fish was very striking.

OH, so loved this one, beyond all the others, it rang my bells, colour,
kantha work. sequins, the stitching was wonderful.
on so many levels, I loved it, and how 20 ladies managed to bring this off and still remain friends, well, for me, BEST IN SHOW.

This was a very happy quilt, with a real feel good factor about it.

This was a section of the continuum quilt, I loved the concept of random marks and stitch's on a continuous

It was a really great show,the standard gets higher every year,

and on my next post, I will tell you about my SHOPPING.......


  1. Beautiful pics thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Everyone's pics of the show give those of us faraway a glimpse into it's wonderfulness! You picked some special quilts to highlight. Those elephants are grand. I am sure the shopping was equally as wonderful! Can't wait to see that. xox Corrine

  3. I missed half of these! Where was I? I did see the elephants and they were fabulous. I saw the Women at the Window but didn't take such a close look so thanks for that and the following two quilts. The starry type one is fantastic too. Those white stitches make wonderful marks. May I pinch the photo please?

  4. Great post, I love to see what individual bloggers choose to photograph and share - I end up with a look at almost everything at FoQ from all your differing perspectives. Thanks.

  5. It's a good job we all blog about the quilts we saw, I didn't see the ones you saw.

  6. I'm amazed every time I see someone else's blog post about the FoQ.....there's always loads I didn't see!
    I did see that fantastic rhinoceros though :-)


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